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1. Flood reduction farming

Problem: Modern large field farming has reduced the water holding capacity of the land and accelerated soil erosion is silting up our rivers and land drains.

Solution: Return to the smaller, more sheltered farm fields of the early Victorian era, but use teams of robot tractors instead of labour intensive horse drawn ploughs, in order to keep food production costs down.

BAE Systems employees
 with military technology
 expertise have been made redundant.
Could this proposal create
 new secure jobs
for them?

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2. A low cost alternative to HS2










We explain how modern braking systems developed in Germany would allow more trains to travel on our existing lines.
This would allow us to ease our network capacity problems in five years, without building any new lines.
This is a decade before HS2 and far cheaper per mile.

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3. Other options to HS2

 The whole HS2 issue has become charged with emotion, with exaggerated claims being made by both sides.
For the sake of our grandchildren, we need to step back and
have a Pre-HS2 debate.

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4. A financial invention to prevent house price bubbles

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5. Latent Power Turbines, climate change and the World Cup in Dubai

We are currently building a proof of concept Latent Power Turbine with the assistance of a 98,400 government grant.

There is a strong possibility that L P Turbines could provide sufficient open air cooling to make a summer World Cup in Dubai enjoyable for fans.

Our preliminary research findings will hopefully be available by the time the World Cup in Brazil ends. 
It will require a further years work and additional funding for us to produce a commercially viable design.

Enquiries from potential partners and investors welcome.

The photograph above shows our first test rig at Lancaster University. this produced the results that won us the 98,400 grant

 The current funding will allow us to scale up this rig.

If your big worry is that man mad climate change will wreck our planet click here

If your main worry is that the home football season will be disrupted by a winter World Cup, click here


6. Soft bumpers to save pedestrian lives


A British invention could make car bumpers soft for pedestrian impacts, but stiff for collisions with other vehicles.


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7. British invention plagiarised

 Cover-up costs Britain a ten year lead in developing SALi suspension systems.
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8. If you are interested in reading about British Innovation at its worst, this is the web page for you!

In the first five sections we provide an overview of the many applications of SALi Technology. Then, in Section Six, we explain how it's development has been crushed to hide embarrassing research fraud at Manchester University.
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9. Graphene -Whoops we made a mistake!

 Why a failure to understand the subtle power of patents means that most of the 50 million British government and one billion Euro European funding for graphene research is likely to be wasted.

The problem is critical but we suggest a solution.
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10. Generating green power for Elon Musk's Hyperloop

Our suggestions for using Cheshire Innovation inventions to reduce some of the outstanding Hyperloop design issues


Bill Courtney is the principle inventor for all of the inventions described on the site. 1792 Technology is a joint invention with  Richard Klee.